You can visit us in our cozy and discreet apartment, an adorable and very welcoming cottage in which you can take advantage and get away from everything else.

If you prefer and it is more convenient, we can reach you at the hotel or at your home.

We adapt to your needs so that you can have the perfect match with one of us Escorts in Madrid.

An unrepeatable meeting especially for you.


You need something more than just sex. Do you miss something even if you do not know what.
Trying new sensations when she dresses you with leather, adoring high heels and stockings, feeling your body arching when she
searches your limit, waiting the whipping…

Submissive, fetishistic, sadomasochist, or maybe just an explorer. Simply transforming you, for a few hours, in someone or
something different. Feel, hold on, take advantage…
Claudia was first in all these places of your imagination. Loving BDSM in her personal life, she will show you step by step
and according to your preferences a whole world of sensations for those seeking something more.

Services of obedience, discipline and feminization… or simply a “not sure”, Claudia will find it within yourself. Tell us your fantasy, we will do the rest.
Entry or medium level. Always healthy, safe and consensual. She will find your limit and reward your efforts.
A wonderful journey into the world of pleasure with the exclusive service of BDSM (erotic or not) of Madrid.

Book at least 24 hours in advance. You will complete a questionnaire to find out what you expect from the service.

Keep in mind that a service of BDSM is not just a sexual meeting, you need warming up and relaxation…
no need to hurry. Come easy. Claudia will arrange everything, she will protect you and punish you at the same way.

Will you arrive at the end? Of course. Relax and enjoy it… or not. You choose.


Do you like playing with smells, flavors?
Want to try an intimacy where the sense of hearing disappears??

I will play with you in the way you prefer. I’ll let you smell me, I’ll let you hear me, but you will not be able to touch me. Fruit, chocolate, oil, candles… let yourself go to the pleasure of the five senses!

Surely you will like to feel vulnerable when you can not touch us or see us.
Some simple and elegant games selected exclusively for you, to spend unforgettable moments.

*Ask for conditions


If you have to make a business trip or just want to enjoy the company of one of us Pearls, we are learned escorts, prepared to be your travel guide.

A breakfast on the bathroom dries. a glass of champagne watching the sunset in any way, a trip is always more pleasant if you put a Pearl.

We are perfect for any type of meeting, whether for business or just for the pleasure of being together.



How many times have you daydreamt about having a threesome with your partner. Such is the desire, the fancy and the curiosity. We provide you the keys for this experience.

Because as women we know what you like. Among all of us Escorts in Madrid there is one that is perfect for this very special meeting that you are waiting for. Or who knows? Perhaps you prefer a slightly wilder encounter!

Escape from routine with a Pearl it can be a privilege. Are you ready?


It would be a dream to spend moments with two Pearls at the same time.

Wouldn’t it? Brunette or blonde? It’s the only question that you’ll need to answer. It is a dream that has always existed. The gentleness and scent of two female bodies together.

Two women dedicated and willing to please and be pleased. Double the steps, double the caresses, double the passion, double the pleasure…

Do you want to lose it?


In the 70s, when there were no escorts, high level couples used to organize exclusive parties of this kind. Are you looking for new experiences?

You’re in the right place. Open your mind and discover a world without taboos. Would you like to attend parties like these but you don’t know with who to go to share such a private moment?

No one can help you better than us.


If you don’t like to travel alone and you do not want to worry about anything you’re in the right place.

We organize your travel in a completely custom and unique way and we find for you the best hotels in Madrid and all over the world. You will only have to think about the right Pearl to choose…

We undertake to find the prefect hotel, the most romantic or modern restaurant, the best places, airline tickets, personalized shopping.

Whatever you need, you can leave it to your trusted agency.


We have a professional team specialized in organizing all types of events (from professional meetings to simple daily events).

We are able to organize the event you like the most and customize your every need. Tell us your ideas and we will realize them in a totally personalized way. Seize the day!


Because not only men like to treat themselves a whim!

For you, woman, who wants to share one of your most intimate moments with another sexy and feminine woman.
To feel soft hands, the delicate scent of sex and those morbid whispers that become intenser when they come from a sweet female voice… We understand you because some of us look for those same feelings!

Some of us feel attracted to other women. We like to feel the softness of fleshy kisses and feminine skin.

You are like me. A very sensual woman who likes to see pleasure in another woman.

We will surely find a way that your stressful business trip it will become much more interesting.