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The choice of the order of the girls in this promotion is subject to their availability.

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If you want to accumulate points that can be converted into discounts or special promotions, you just have to write your experience with our Pearls.

It does not matter if your assessment is the most positive or maybe a little less special, tell us the truth and get your points.
(100 points for your first experience and 20 for the netx)

100 PdB Points: € 10 discount on your next appointment.
250 PdB Points: € 20 discount on your next appointment.
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400 PdB Points: 50 € discount on your next appointment.
500 PdB Points: € 100 discount on your next appointment.
1000: PdB Points: Your next 1 hour appointment … Free!

** The points return to 0 when you use any of the discounts.
** Points expire the 31st of December of each year.