Dear undecided friend who read this text, I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Blanca, I am 27 and just like you a few years ago I skeptically read presentations like this. I have had doubts too when I made a decision so important and I had your same incertitude.

We are looking for girls like you, self-assured and able to complete any challenge. We do not search for professional escorts or breathtaking beauty girls, 1.80 tall (but if you’re just like this we want you!). We like real, concrete and enterprising women.

We are not only looking for beauty, but also the elegance, education and self-respect, because we believe that these features can make a difference. Only here you will find stylish, fascinating and unique women.

Basic requirements are that you lead a healthy and regular lifestyle, that you take care of yourself and above all  you cultivate your interests and pursue your goals, considering this as a great opportunity and not a routine.

I invite you to meditate for a few minutes and to compare us with other ads.

If you think you meet the requirements and you are over 18 fill the form below,  write me your questions and doubts, I will carefully read your request.

Suggest me the time you prefer me to call you. On the phone I can clarify all your doubts and answer any questions. We may know each other and we will certainly get on well being the same age (more or less!).

It does not matter if you do not live in Madrid, I can come and see you, it would be a great excuse to visit you your city! ,-p. 

We will meet in a public place, and if you want, you can come together with a friend.

So join us!